Over 400 million Europeans own a smart phone, and we know how you can use for your business.

The marketink

1990 - Yellow pages and deployment of free telephone lines 

1995 - the introduction of E-mail, start an e-mail marketing

2000 - moving away from paper to web sites

2005 - the beginning of the social network My Space, Facebook and website optimization

2010 - Companies introducing and corporate Facebook, Instagram and Twitter

2015 - people use mobile phones than PCs and the advent of mobile applications

2017 - mobile applications combine the advantages of social networking site, YouTube, email, sms and printed

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We follow the latest trends of mobile applications and mobile advertising, and focus attention where it really works.

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Basic functions

production:                          950 € / platform

service:                                39€ /month. / platform

Advanced functions

production:                            950 € / platform

service:                                        39€ /month. / platform

Premium functions

production:                           950 € / platform

service:                                  0 € / platform

Basic functions to handle almost every platform. So let the application and you're almost done ..

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